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The Dignity of Work

The Dignity of Work

'Each of us has a part to play, a gift to share, a service to offer, for building up the Body of Christ is love.' Pope Francis.


Everyone's work is of value.  There are many kinds of work.  In each job, workers deserve to be treated with respect work safely; work reasonable hours, and earn fair wages. They deserve this because they are made by God.  Our work gives us the means to live, but it is also a chance to use the talents God gives us.  Our work is our way of cooperating with God to help create a better world.


St. Anselm's Promote the Dignity of Work:

  • Introduced staff wellbeing days.
  • Open door to staff needs.
  • Staff workload.
  • All staff including Teaching Assistants receive PPA.
  • Organise social events.
  • Celebrate and respect different faiths.
  • Provide CPD/Allocation of time to complete deadlines.
  • Staff appreciation.
  • Support staff members going through challenging times through prayer and actions.
  • Treat everyone in our school as one family.