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School Admissions

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Admission to St Anselms Catholic Primary School


Admissions are the responsibility of the Governing Body of the School. All applications are ranked in order by Governors using the Admissions criteria set out on the School Admissions Policy.


Parents of children applying for places in FS2 (Reception), KS1 or KS2 must complete BOTH:

  • Ealing Common Application Form (CAF) via the 'eadmissions' website (see link below) &
  • Supplementary Information Form (SIF) see below. This must be returned directly to the school together with 
    • the 'Certificate of Catholic Practice Form' (see below)
    • Baptism Certificate


Please note, School will need to see the ORIGINAL supporting documentation for each application.

Right of Appeal


If your child is not offered a place at our School, you can appeal the decision. Your appeal will be heard by an independent panel.  School can provide you with support in this area.