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Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable


'The (Option for the Poor) affects the life of each Christian as he or she seeks to imitate the life of Christ.' Saint Pope John Paul II.


Every person needs food, water, work, housing, school and medical care.  Those who do not have these are poor.  Our church teaches that these sisters and brothers must be treated with extra respect and have access to what they need.  Those who are not poor must share what they have with others because the gift of God's world is for all people.


St Anselm's Promotes the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable:


  • We have an open-door policy for all families in need.
  • We are a Food Bank provider and support families through our Crisis Fund.
  • Every child attends a school trip or residential.
  • School Uniforms/Stationery/Chrome Books/Reading Books and support are offered to all vulnerable families.
  • Fundraising- charitable acts supporting organisations in our local and global community.
  • Monitor all children to ensure they have the same opportunities.
  • We do not judge others.