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Solidarity and the Common Good

Solidarity and the Common Good


'The word 'solidarity'...refers to something more than a few sporadic acts of generosity.. (it is about) community and the priority of the life of all...'Pope Francis.


The world's people are interdependent.  That means we need each other if we are to live.  We must work together if we are to go on living.  When we walk alongside our sisters and brothers around the world and learn from each other, we call this solidarity.  Even though there are huge distances between us, we are still one family- the family of God.


St Anselm's promotes Solidarity and the Common Good:


  • Ukraine- Pound for Peace.
  • Organise charity events/responses to worldwide crises.
  • Annual Year 6 Homeless Project- 'Cardboard City'.
  • Lenten Liturgy prayers for the community.
  • Pupils are encouraged to turn off taps and save energy to show solidarity for those who do not have access to safe clean water/energy.
  • Staff/Parish has supported families in hardship during the Pandemic.
  • We have worm poppies to show support and solidarity for victims of war.
  • All pupils are taught the importance of self-respect, honest and open communication with others and fair play.  A peer mediation system is in place.
  • All children have their say-Pupil conferencing.
  • The whole school support the Pope Francis Action Team to take an active lead in change and be the voice of change.