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CST Parent Feedback

Catholic Social Teaching ~ Parent Feedback


'It is important for children to know how it feels to be homeless and they may appreciate what they have a home.'

'I have been impressed with how the children know what is happening in our local area and how to make a difference in the community.'

'The children are learning about life and how precious it is.'

'The Church teaches us how to be compassionate and through the Catholic Social Teaching, you are doing the same.  It is good.'

'Thank you for your hard work.  It has been fantastic knowing that my child is learning not only about the Curriculum but about life and how we should treat others.'

'I am happy that my child can talk about what he has been learning in school and he is taught good morals.'

'My daughter reads the Bible every evening and can talk about her faith.  She has helped recycling in school and now the whole family is doing the same.'

'The children are taught how to be compassionate and caring towards others.'

'Teaches how to be respectful to all people.'

'My child has strong Catholic virtues and I am glad the school teaches children good morals.'

'I enjoyed seeing what the children have been learning about in the coffee morning. It was good.'

'I cannot thank the school enough for giving my child this experience.  She reads the Bible in the evening and says the rosary together with her brothers and sisters.'

'Children have good values which are taught by the school.'

'Children need to know that it is important to treat the less fortunate the same as we are all God's children.'

'Our children know they are God's children.'

'Catholic Social Teaching teaches children in a spiritual way.'