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Sayers Croft

Goodbye Day

We have had a wonderful time but sadly it is time to leave Sayers Croft.  We want to thank our teachers, Mrs Dhak, Mrs Whitehouse, Mrs Jackie and Mr Balaquidan, for giving up their time for us.  See you soon, parents!



Day 3 - Rafting Session

Day 3 - Bouldering Session

Day 3

We just don't know where we get our energy from.  After a late night, we were all awake by 6 am and are looking forward to the raft building today.  All these activities are making us hungry so we are going to have a good breakfast just to keep up our energy levels.  Mr Balaquidan is mumbling under his breath, "Coffee, coffee, coffee..." we will make the most of our last day so look out for an update later. Love from the Year 6s and the teachers of course!

Day 2 - The Fun Continues.

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Day 2

We had dinner after a very busy, adventure-packed day.  This evening we will be going on a night walk and Miss Jackie has her torch ready even though the sun is still shining. All of us are looking forward to our hot chocolate drinks after our night walk especially Mrs. Whitehouse who said that she will be ready for her bed by then.  Mrs. Dhak can't wait for the rafting tomorrow and neither can we!  The teachers have been very well behaved, especially Mr Balaquidan, and after several cups of coffee they finally caught up with our energy levels.  We are all enjoying ourselves and rising to the challenges presented to us through the activities. 


More Activities - Day 2

Day 2 Shelter Building

Day 2

Now that breakfast is over, we are enjoying a game of football and are looking forward to our Shelter Building session.  The sun is shining and the teachers have now fully woken up after a strong coffee.  Life is good...

Day 2

After a very late night and an early start, we waited for our breakfast. The teachers all looked tired this morning so we watched Peppa Pig just to give them a break!  Breakfast smells good and we are all ready for another fun-filled day.


Day 1 afternoon

The children all enjoyed their lunch and Safety Talk and are now enjoying the activities and having fun.  They are currently (2pm) experiencing the High Ropes, Swimming and Team Games.  Everyone is enjoying the experience so far. 




Day 1

The children all arrived with their parents ready for the trip to Sayers Croft.  It was great to see the excited faces on the children and staff.  We met in the prayer garden for a prayer and a blessing.


All have now arrived safely and are ready for the activities and fun. We will give you an update later.

High Ropes

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