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Free School Meals Eligibility & Pupil Premium



Free School Meals & Pupil Premium

You may be able to get a free school meal and extra funding for our school through the Pupil Premium Grant, if you receive certain benefits.


Check your eligibility using the above link.



By signing up to the Pupil Premium scheme our school could receive hundreds of pounds from the Department for Education. For every eligible parent who signs up, the school could be in line for up to £14550 to spend on resources such as extra staff, books or school trips.


In addition, one of the added extras of this scheme is the opportunity for your child to receive free nutritious meals at school, which research has shown links to educational attainment.


Should I apply for the Pupil Premium if my child already receives free meals at school?

Yes please. Although children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently eligible for free meals, you may still be eligible for the full Pupil Premium scheme.