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  • Children are taught to understand number and place value / addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  / fractions including decimals and percentages. 'Numicon' is used by children in EYFS and KS1 to help understand number.

Ratio and Proportion:

  • Children are taught how to solve problems when comparing quantities,  sizes and scales.


  •  Children are taught to understand symbols and letters can represent variables and unknowns in mathematical situations.


  • Children are taught to use measures, make estimates and check their work.


  • Children are taught the properties of shapes, position and direction.


  •  Children are taught how to collect, present and analyse data.


During each phase of their learning, children have rich opportunities to reason mathematically. Exposure to daily mental and written calculations, enables children to grow in confidence in trying out their own methods, justifying their thoughts and seeking more elegant solutions to practical problems. In solving real life problems the children become efficient in breaking down problems into a series of simple steps. The children enjoy using ‘MyMaths’ an interactive learning resource, which challenges all learners at home and school in different areas of Maths. The children’s persevering nature for solving problems, enables them to achieve well in their learning, equipping them for life.


Deacon Tito Pereira is our Maths Leader.