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- Ruth Class - Year 6

Welcome to Ruth Class - Year 6


Class Teacher: Mrs Dhak (Deputy Headteacher)



PE / Sports: Tuesday and Thursday (Coach Tommy) Children must have their PE kits in school.

Sayers Croft Information

Day 3

Yesterday was a full day of excitement and the children were completely exhuasted by that end of the day. Unllike the first day, they were ready for their beds! This morning after making beds and having breakfast, they got into their groups for today's ventures.  On the agenda for today the children are looking forward to Shelter Building and Orienteering.  Hopefully, today brings more fine weather.  Photos will be posted below.


Day 2

The children had a great time yesterday, see the photographs below.  They had a late night and an early start! Today, they got up early, made their beds, said a prayer and are ready for their breakfast at 8:15 before another day of enjoyable activities.  They are looking forward to the High Ropes, Boulders, Rafting and other exciting pursuits. The children are full of energy and having a great time. 

Day 1

The children have all arrived safely and are excited about the activities and day ahead.  They have all made their beds (yes all by themselves) and are going to have lunch before the afternoon activites.  

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