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CST Pupil Feedback

Catholic Social Teaching ~ Pupil Feedback


'I have enjoyed being part of the Pope Francis Action Team and helping Mrs Dhak in Liturgies.  We learn about Catholic Social Teaching in our assemblies and curriculum.  I feel more open to what is happening around me and consider myself fortunate to have a loving family and friends.'

'The Bag Project was my favourite because it opened my eyes to other possibilities.  The Catholic Social Teachings teach us God's plan for everyone and what He wants us to do in our lives.  We all have a calling, and we need to follow it.'

'I wish the Pope Francis Action Team was in every school.  I helped with the food bank every week and could not believe how many families I saw queuing up for feed each week.  I am glad I had an opportunity to help.'

'I know that I can do more to help others, and working on different projects this year has let me help people in need.  I enjoyed litter picking every week, and it is great to see the impact of our work.'

'I loved interviewing Mr Sharma this year.  I never met a Parliament MP before, and he was interested in our work.'

'It is good to help charities, but sometimes we have to help in our local area because we have plenty of homeless people in our parish.  The marble outside the Church doors is cold in the winter; the homeless need shelter and a bed to keep warm.'

'I like reading the scripture during worship and understand that it is the word of God.;

'When we raise money for charity, we are helping our neighbours.'

'God wants us to do his work on earth and one of our jobs is to help the poor.'

'Caring for God's creation is everyone's responsibility and we all have to do our part.'

'I notice more now when I walk to school and we need to do a lot more work in our community.'

'I enjoyed doing my TED Talk and presenting in the assembly.  Modern-day slavery should not exist in our society.'