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Year 2 Long Term Plans for English

Work out how to read some words by sounding them out and join up sounds to make words.

Tell the different sounds a letter can make.

Read words that have two parts.

Read words that don’t follow the normal rules.

Read words quickly without mistakes.

Read aloud from some books.

Re-read a book that they have read before.

Listen quietly to a book being read aloud.

Talk about how stories are built.

Tell the names of lots of fairy stories.

Tell the names of lots of traditional tales.

Tell about phrases and ideas that come up in lots of stories.

Talk about a non-fiction book and why it is different to a fiction book.

Tell the meaning of some words.

Tell how some words have more than one meaning.

Tell about my favourite word and phrase.

Recite some poetry they have learnt by heart.

Tell what a story is about after they have read it.

Tell when what they are reading is wrong and why.

Tell what might happen in a story after they have started reading it.

Ask questions about what they are reading.

Answer questions about what they are reading.

Join in with the class to talk about what they are reading, taking turns and listening.

Talk about books I have read at school and at home.

Spell the words in the word-bank.

Spell some words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.

Spell more words that are shortened.

Use an apostrophe to show that something belongs to somebody.

Spell words that end with ment, ness, full, less and ly.

Write letters in the correct size.

Write letters that can be joined with another.

Tell you which letters don’t join up.

Write capital letters and numbers in the correct size.

Leave space between words.

Write a story.

Write about something that has happened to me.

Write a poem.

Write two different pieces about the same subject.

Tell you about what I’m going to write.

Plan my work on paper.

Check my work for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Check my work to make sure it makes sense.

Read my work and make the meaning clear with my voice.

Use a statement, question, exclamation and command.

Write a sentence that describes something.

Tell you about Standard English.

Use the grammar I have learned.

Use the past and present tense.