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Winning Poem

Online Safety Poem 

I am safe in my house 

I keep safe in the online life 

I keep my details to myself, 

I don't spread my name and address around. 


If someone you don't know asks to meet you say, "NO" 

and tell an adult or someone you trust.

Use these facts to keep you safe. 


I hope you share this with everyone. 

But remember only to the people you know whether it is in games

or social media.


I am safe in the online life, 

Being online is my life. 

I use a pretend username to protect my identity;

If someone asks what my name is

I just say,


“My name is online safety” 


When I am looking for things online,

I ask an adult to help me always! 

There are bullies online, 

so if someone bullies you,

tell an adult 

You can make the internet a better place. 

Be cyber safe.


Rose Y4 Class